Allure's Free Stuff...

Allure's August issue is on newsstands now! Why should you care? Because everyone loves free stuff and for the entire month, they're giving away 34,328 of fashion and beauty items. Any other questions?

Click here to view the list of items and to sign up for text alerts 30 minutes before each giveaway begins.

Giveaways begin tomorrow AUGUST 1st !!!


Beauty Events...

First up is Shecky’s 4th annual Beauty Night Out on October 2nd & 3rd in NYC. Sample brands in skincare, cosmetics, hair care and fragrance from over 50 of Shecky’s 2008/2009 BEAUTY AT ITS BEST winners. Plus enjoy cocktails and Shecky's Beauty Goodie Bag.

Soon following in November & December (NYC & Chicago) will be Pretty City's annual Beauty Sample Sale. Again, enjoy complimentary beauty services in addition to sample sale prices on beauty's top products. Cocktails and a goodie bag are also provided.

You must be 21 or older to attend both events. Purchase tickets here and here.

Hope to see you there!!!


Visual Effects...

Are you a little challenged when it comes to applying eye makeup? Wouldn't it be fab to have someone right there guiding you on what to do to get that "natural" makeup look or that smokin' smokey eye? Well unless you can afford to have someone at your beck and call, the next best thing would be to head on over to Sephora online for their Visual Effects series. It's a collection of 9 videos that show you how to create makeup eye effects. Everything from faux lashes to smokey eyes and all in 3 easy steps. So go ahead and prop up your laptop in the bathroom and get to work....wink,wink!

Check it out here.



How KUH - UTE! Pedi Couture has a line of flip flops perfect for styling at the nail salon. They feature a non-skid rubber sole, terry fabric toe seperators and padded uppers. They come in solid colors, animal prints and metallics. All the functionality of those unsightly paper pedi slippers with the style of a sandal...genius!

Check out the line here...or try your luck over at ebay.


Rihanna & Gucci Team Up...

I may be a little late with this, but I just found out that Rihanna has been tapped by Gucci to star in their first ad campaign for the children's charity, Tattoo Heart.

In a statement released by the label:

"when we decided to dedicate a full ad campaign, more than just creating products, to really come out and show our commitment to UNICEF, I felt a musician and a beautiful woman was the perfect icon for this campaign"

Rihanna in turn stated:

"It's an honour to represent Gucci." ...."we've come a long way from Miss Bisou to Gucci"

It's crazy, but just a few yrs ago, when her and Teairra Marie stepped on the scene, I would've bet all my beauty products Rihanna wouldn't last. My exact thoughts were..."she's outta here". Damn was I wrong. From Miss Bisou in '06 to Gucci in ''ve come a looong way baby!!!

The campaign will be out in December with Rih in limited edition Gucci products for UNICEF. 25% of sales will go towards the charity.

Check out pics from her Miss Bisou campaign here


Kim K's Falsies...

Our favorite socialite, we love to hate, tried out MAC's false eyelashes (No. 35) recently. I love them. I always thought she wore false eyelashes, but according to her, she only wears them at night when partying or out to events, not during the day. Which brings me to my small dilemma.

I've always wanted to try them, but felt like I would look silly rockin' them on a daily basis. Night time, absolutely, but daytime, everyday? Like, how will I look when I just need to run to the store in jeans, t-shirt and flip flops?

Do you wear false eyelashes on a daily basis? Let's discuss...

Click above pic for a larger view and check out a few more pics of Kim here.


Botkier for Target...

Head on over to Target today for Botkier for Target handbags. Designer Monica Botkier has teamed up with Tar-jaay to offer a limited edition line that includes clutches, wristlets, satchels and hobos. The line will be available from today through September 14th with prices ranging from $20 - $50.

I've got my eye on the gold hobo bag!

Click here to see the entire collection.


Healthy Skincare Centers...

Protecting and perfecting our skin has always been a priority. Thanks to CVS' Healthy Skincare Centers, the process can be easier. The Centers provide free skin analysis by trained and certified skincare advisors and also provide free samples of recommended products. By using a pen-sized camera and skin diagnostic tool, advisors are able to determine skin type, measure hydration levels, and analyze skin's stage of aging.

Check out for a center near you!


Wax-On, Wax-Off...

Award-winning NYC day spa, Completely Bare, is hosting their first ever At-Home Waxing Webinar. Owner Cindy Barshop and Completely Bare spa give you the 411 on how to wax at home and answer all of your waxing questions.

The first class will be tonight @ 7:00pm. Topics will be:

* Waxing 101 – Prep Yourself
* Not All Wax is Created Equal
* At Home Waxing – by Body Part
* Bikini Waxing – Basic, Brazilian and completely bare

Click here for more info and to register!


Smooth It Out...

Ever get these pimple-like bumps on the backs of your arms or inner thighs? Keratosis Pilaris, aka "chicken skin" is a skin condition caused by a buildup of keratin which causes these tiny little bumps. They're harmless and do not hurt, but they're soooo not cute.

After visiting my derm, I found out that there is no cure for it and it is usually hereditary...thanx mom! The bumps are most often on the upper arms, inner thighs and buttocks. Although there's no cure, there are ways to smooth out the bumps. I've been using AmLactin lotion for the last 2-3 years and it has really made a difference. It's an Alpha-hydroxy lotion that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. Although it's best applied on dry skin twice a day, I usually just use it once a day at night before going to bed. The skin in those areas are smooth and the bumps are barely noticeable.

Available at most drugstores in the pharmacy area. Click here for some coupons.


Neutrogena's Rainbath...

Over the weekend I got a gynormous size of Neutrogena's Rainbath. I LUV this stuff! I'm usually leary about fragrant gel body washes because I think they're drying, but not so with this! It's moisturizing, lathers really well and leaves no "soapy" residue.

I first tried this stuff yeaaarrrsss ago at a friend's house. Actually, I didnt tell her I was using it, I would always sneak and use some and I always made sure to take my shower AFTER her while the scent was still lingering so she would think the scent was still there from when she took a shower.....(heheheh). I became re-aquainted with it again last summer when I went to go visit this same friend....(talk about was 9 years later and she was still using it). Anyway, I recently finished the 32 oz bottle I purchased that summer after leaving her house and therefore had
to re-stock with a new 40 oz. size!

The gel comes in three scents: Original, Awakening, and Refreshing. The Original scent is a very fragrant, spicey, herbal scent. Awakening is red in color and is a light citrus scent, more feminine. Refreshing is blueish green ( would it have been easier if I just said aqua or turquoise?) and is marine scented.

Other than the fragrance and color, there is no difference between the three. The Refreshing scent is advertised as a body wash/ shaving gel, but in actuality, all three can be used as a shaving gel. Of the three, the Original scent is my fav. Close behing would be the Awakening scent.

Available at most drugstores. However, I do not see the Awakening scent in drugstores. I've only seen it at stores like Costco and BJ's.


New Face of Lancome...

Word is Domincan beauty Arlenis Sosa Peña is the new face of Lancome. The 19 year old was discovered in the Domincan Republic and stepped into the fashion world only four months ago. So far she's walked the runway for Dior and has been photographed for American and Italian Vogue...and now this! Talk about overnight success...CHA-CHANG!!!

Check out a recent interview here.


My Secret...

Are you looking for an underarm antiperspirant that's strong but won't cause any skin irritation? Secret Clinical Strength may be the answer. I purchased this a few months back, but never really used it until recently. Now I should start of by saying that I don't have a major "sweat" problem, but I've always wanted to "skip" the whole deodorant thing sometimes. I mean sometimes the clear ones aren't really that clear, and the extra fighting, long-lasting, promise you're not gonna sweat ones just aren't effective after a few hours. So anyway, I applied two clicks under each arm Monday night, as directed, and went without deodorant on Tuesday and Wednesday. I should also mention that those two days were 90 degree weather days, so what better time to test this out! No wetness, no sweat stains and no odor all day long. It's a winner!

Available @ most drugstores for about $8.


New MAC Collections...

MAC Cosmetics is releasing the Electroflash, New View and Sonic Chic collections today!! The new baked eyeshadows, blushes and powders are all mineralize products and are limited edition:


Mineralize Eye Shadow in nine new duos, 4 lipglass shades and 4 lipstick shades. Two Mineralize Eye Shadows in one large compact. One shade features a mélange of three shades, the other provides a complementary or contrasting solid shade. Add Lipglass and Lipsticks with quantum physics energy, in companion colours and electro-lustres.

Sonic Chic

Baked minerals refined into a powder formula to provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Colour builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage.

New View

One side provides a natural matte finish, while the other brings an ambient shimmer to cheeks and browbones.

All are available today @ MAC counters and

I'm all about light/subtle coverage...Can't wait to try the New View powder!!!....How about you?


WEN Will We Learn....

Now I have read time and time again that curly hair is dry hair. My little girl has tons and tons of thick hair, thanks to her morena/boriqua mixture, that just soaks up any and everything. I can wash her hair at 12:00 and by 12:20 it's a dry frizzy mess! After trying several other products, from those that are specially formulated for curly hair to those that are specially made for mixed hair, I decided to give WEN a try. WEN is a line created by celeb stylist, Chaz Dean. His cleansing conditoners, made with natural ingredients, cleanse hair without the harsh use of chemicals or detergents. After noticing the damaging effects shampoos have on the hair, he came up with this "new" concept. (Get it, WEN is NEW spelled backwards!!!)

There are five different cleansers to choose from:

Sweet Almond Mint is the universal cleansing conditioner that is wonderful for all hair types and is exceptional on fine to medium hair. It only takes one application to notice a difference.

Fig is ideal for medium-to-coarse, wavy-to-curly, and ethnic hair types; and is exceptional on dry, dehydrated, damaged, color-treated, chemically straightened, and heat-damaged hair.

Tea Tree contains moisturizing properties for medium-to-coarse, wavy,
and ethnic hair; and invigorating properties make it exceptional for dry, flaky or sensitive scalps.

Cucumber Aloe is perfect for fine-to-medium hair and especially beneficial for oily scalps and dry hair due to its astringent and moisturizing properties.

Lavender, the newest of the five, is a universal cleanser for all hair types. This cleansing conditioner is rich in moisture, while its light-weight formulation creates volume & body without weighing down the hair.

Now, the process itself is a bit annoying. First you rinse your hair completely for about a minute or so. Next, 10 pumps of the conditioner is applied to the crown of your head, 8-10 pumps to the back and massage for a few minutes. Keep in mind you will not get a lather since there are no sulfates in here. Next, pump another 10-20 pumps and add to the mid-shaft and ends of the hair. Comb through, leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse. The length of your hair determines how many pumps in total you will need. Now to be honest with you, by the third or fourth time using this, I could not deal with all this sectioning and pumping. I mean really, is it that serious?

I used the Fig conditioner on the kid. (It's the one they used on the "ethnic" model on QVC and it seems to be the most moisturizing of all the conditioners.) I definitely noticed a difference in her hair once I was finished. It felt soft and her curls were more definied than usual. After about an hour or so, there was no frizz. Her hair was still soft and bouncy. I was sold! As long as her hair can remain a non -frizzy mess hours after "cleansing", I am sold.
Available @: QVC and Chaz Dean's website.


Kim K Fragrance....

Our favorite Kardashian is teaming up with New Wave Fragrances, distributors of Ed Hardy and True Religion fragrances, to launch her own perfume. According to her blog, her scent is set to launch May 2009.

WOW! If not for nothing, you can't knock her hustle. She is milking her 15 minutes. I ain't mad atcha Kim. Stay Tuned!


Rihanna Lightens Up....

Looks like Rih decided to go a little lighter with her Halle Berry, circa 1991 - Strictly
, cut:

Are we loving it? Or do we prefer her darker side from earlier this year?


Mark Your Calendars...

Hey Everybody,

July is looking to be a great beauty month. Here are a few happenings:

For those of you who don't know, QVC's beauty kicks butt! Starting tonight, and every Tuesday night from 7 - 9pm in July, tune in to their Beauty Newsmakers Face-to-Face summer series. Meet the makers of the biggest names in the beauty industry, like Smashbox, Mally Roncall, Philosophy, and enjoy great prices and packages exclusive only to QVC.

Will you be in the Philadelphia area? If so, during the month of July, King of Prussia's Neimans is having several free facials by top brands like Dior, Revive, and Perricone. Check the list out here and book your appointment!

From now until Sunday, July 6th, celebrate summer and sample the latest over at Bloomie's Beauty and the Beach event.

Nordstoms Beauty Exclusives event starts July 18th, but you can pre-order online or in - store before then. Great deals from MAC, Shu Uemura and Clarins, just to name a few. Check the list of items here.




I'm just a simple girl with a complicated obsession, I love all things beauty...and I need to talk about it!


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