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Our favorite socialite, we love to hate, tried out MAC's false eyelashes (No. 35) recently. I love them. I always thought she wore false eyelashes, but according to her, she only wears them at night when partying or out to events, not during the day. Which brings me to my small dilemma.

I've always wanted to try them, but felt like I would look silly rockin' them on a daily basis. Night time, absolutely, but daytime, everyday? Like, how will I look when I just need to run to the store in jeans, t-shirt and flip flops?

Do you wear false eyelashes on a daily basis? Let's discuss...

Click above pic for a larger view and check out a few more pics of Kim here.



Anonymous said...

I think false lashes should be only for the night time. It may be a bit much for a daytime look.

7/22/08, 12:18 PM
Peggs said...

OMG.. LUV LUV LUV false lashes.. LUVD THEM.. they're sooooooooooooo addictive.. I used to get them done weekly.. (suggested: every two weeks) and where them all day and through the night.. they were fantastic. I know I'm a bit much.. but hey .. Y NOT.. one life to live!.. And I'm gonna tell u.. I would travel an hour and a half to get this done weekly.. worth every bit of gas (back then the prices were worth it).. and every bit of eye watering sting..

7/22/08, 3:20 PM
Peggs said...

oh .. I forgot to mention.. I wore them so much that my lashes were affected.. mean.. lost some.. but after patience and some Dior Show.. THANK GAWD FOR DIOR.. I'm back to the same ole' same ole.. not falsies.. but when I where the Show.. uhhhh... let's just say people still think I'm taking that hour and a half ride

7/22/08, 3:22 PM
Anonymous said...

I fell in LOVE with falsies June 27 2008 and have been hooked!!! I have long lashes to begin with, but, with the extra lashes OMG, I look even more FAB!!! The lashes that I wear(individuals) look soo completely natural people notice, but only if you're up close. LUV them! I would suggest not wearing mascara with them during the day, but at night it's like WOW! TRY THEM!

7/22/08, 3:57 PM

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