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Recently I got the opportunity, thanks to Allure, to sample Chanel's new mascara, EXCEPTIONNEL DE CHANEL. With it's six-sided brush/comb wand, it's claims are to give your lashes intense volume and curl with clump-free, smudge-proof separation.

Here is a pick of the before and after of my upper lashes after two coats.

As you can see, it definitely defined my lashes more and made them more visible, especially towards the outer corner of my eye. What I liked most about this mascara was that my lashes didn't have that hard, stiff feel I usually get when I wear mascara. True to it's claim, I had no clumps and it WAS smudge-proof. After about 10 minutes, I wiped and rubbed my eye and I had no residue on my finger.

Overall, it is a great mascara, if you're willing to spend the $28 for it!



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