NYFW 2010 Backstage Beauty: BCBG

Kicking off Fashion Week earlier today, BCBG's modern ensembles were complemented by one of my absolute favorite hair styles, a messy bun, in a sophisticated BCBG sort of way of course.  John Frieda's International Creative Consultant Harry Josh lets us in on how he created the sleek hairstyle for the show...

The collection had a clean, modern feel, I wanted to complement that aesthetic with a very comfortable and effortlessly chic look. The inspiration came from the models themselves, who would come into casting and quickly pull their hair back into a bun. I really wanted to create a look that a woman wearing BCBG would sport herself, since the looks on the runway were also extremely wearable.
Harry began by applying John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Take Charge Mousse to dry hair and blow drying, using his fingers instead of a brush to separate the hair from the root and create texture. The technique was crucial to recreating the “pulled back” look any girl would get while styling her own hair.

Once the hair was secured in a low pony, Harry added a small amount of John Frieda’s new Root Awakening Strength Restoring Smoothing Lotion to the ends of the hair to ensure the tips were healthy looking and defined. He then wrapped the pony into a twisted bun, leaving the tips of the hair sticking out in a fan-like “fringe.”

The fringe really completed the look made this low, classic bun a modern, chic style.



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