The 2009 Summer Collection imagined for women the world over who dream...

To women the world over who love... A sunny greeting from paradise!
The monsoon season…Those summer days when rain and the warmth of the sun merge sensually together to caress the skin with shimmering, pure drops of light. Bringing all the senses to life.

To women the world over who love… Tropical souvenirs!
Here are some images of earth and warm sand in an infinite array of shades - a multitude of colours creating perfect harmony…
Each day, a sensual shower illuminates your skin with its solar reflections.
A refreshing, caressing sun shower embellishes your skin with fine white shimmers, veiling it in a scented cloud of jasmine, vanilla and orange blossom…

A new ultra-pearlescent formula for glowing cheeks and a light-sculpted
SUN MANGO for lighter complexions;

SUN CINNAMON for darker complexions.

Two textures – one matte for a natural complexion, and one glowing for a luminous look. Blend them together as you like. The glowing texture lets you highlight key areas of the face. The matte texture evens out the complexion with its light and dark shades

The perfect liquid sun pen to illuminate the complexion.
Apply on the eyelids and the apples of the cheeks.

Two golden shades to illuminate the eyes; two silvery shades for a “wet look”.

A kiss that will make sparks fly...
SUN ROSE: coral pink with white shimmers.
SUN CORAL: a warm, glamorous orange shade with white and red

Droplets of water or sunlight on the fingertips.
Silver or golden shimmers blended with aluminium pigments.

A liquid gel for easy application and a fresh sensation. Slightly coppery, it sculpts the body with its shimmering white reflections.

My favs are the



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