Halle's New 'Do...

Hmmmmmm... I like it from the side, but not so much the front. Does that make sense?



Hair How To...

The master stylist behind the iconic looks of A-listers like Gisele, Ellen Pompeo and Fergie, John Frieda International Creative Consultant Harry Josh tells Cosmopolitan magazine in its May issue (on stands now) how to achieve the season’s must-have style no matter what your hair type.

Got Fine Hair?

THE GOAL: A natural look that adds volume and movement every time you turn your head.

THE TRICK: Focus on the lower part of strands and stop stressing about all-over waves.

HOW TO: Blow dry the top portion of hair from cheekbones up. Leave the bottom of your hair slightly damp and coil it into a tight bun. Blast the bun with a blow-dryer until its dry. Mist with a flexible hair spray like John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Out Hold Hair Spray, $6.50.

Got Medium Hair?

THE GOAL: Sleek spirals that twist away from your face to show off your features without crowding them out.

THE TRICK: Hold the curling iron vertically as you twist it clockwise to create coils that fold into your natural texture.

HOW TO: Apply a smoothing spray all over to minimize frizz and protect from heat styling (try the new John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat, $6.50) then blow dry. Loosely wrap 1-inch sections around a medium-barrel iron starting at chin level (remember to hold the iron vertically as you twist). Then gently rake fingers through hair and shake out so it settles into piece-y waves.

Got Thick Hair?

THE GOAL: Keep curls weightless and airy to avoid looking droopy or heavy.

THE TRICK: Create diffused waves by brushing them out to add lift and life.

HOW TO: Apply an anti-frizz formula (Josh recommends a drop of John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Serum, $10) and dry with a diffuser, then curl random sections with a large-barrel iron. Leave the ends out so they bend in different directions and create bounce. Finally, flip hair over and lightly brush out to create subtle waves.


Kim Goes Lighter...Sort Of...

While in NYC this past weekend, Kim K sported a new lighter 'do. It's a hair piece that was used for a photo shoot. Loving the look, Kim's contemplating going lighter for the summer.

I like it, but I'm not in love with it. I think it takes away from her sultry-ness and washes her out a bit. I prefer the darker color on her.

What do you think? Should she go for it?!?


Oprah Sets The Record Straight About Her Hair...

Unless you've been under a rock, you know that Oprah has started twittering. A lot of her followers have been commenting on her "weaves". Well Op set the record straight yesterday on her show...it's no weave...it's all hers. As proof, she flashed a pic of herself pre-press n' curl.

Check out the video here.

YOWZERS (Gayle's words, not mine)...tee-hee...I just happen to agree!


Is Jenny Losing IT?...

Is it me or is Jenny Lo losing her OOOMPH!? I mean what is going on? Where are the curves? Not feeling this weight loss...No Bueno Jenny, NO BUENO!


Happy Earth Day...

What's Really Good?

"The Earth Day Network was founded on the premise that all people, regardless of race, gender, income, or geography, have a moral right to a healthy, sustainable environment. Our mission is to broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide, and to mobilize it as the most effective vehicle for promoting a healthy, sustainable environment."

Over the last few years, I've noticed that a lot of people are trying to live a "greener" lifestyle. Purchasing natural, eco-friendly and organic beauty items has become more of a way of life rather than a trend. Cosmetic companies are jumping on this bandwagon and creating these "natural" products. However, everything is not always what it seems. In a recent article in
Organic Beauty, the magazine breaks down some common label terms that will help in purchasing the real stuff.

100% PERCENT ORGANIC: The USDA says these products must contain (excluing water and salt) only organically produced ingredients. Products may display the USDA Organic Seal.

USDA ORGANIC: These products may display the USDA Organic Seal and must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients. The remaining 5% of ingredients must be nonagricultural ingredients approved for use by the FDA.

MADE WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Products contain at least 70% organic ingredients. These products may not display the USDA Organic Seal.

LESS THAN 70% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Products cannot use the term "organic" anywhere on the product's main label.

NATURAL: No federal regulation. Basically a product with 99% synthetic ingredients can use this term.

HYPOALLERGENIC: A company must simply avoid using a handful of common known allergens. However, companies are not required to test the product.

Wow, this was a real eye opener for me. Who would of thought the term "natural" on a product pretty much means nothing!


FRESH's Get More Give More Special...

In honor of Earth Day today, FRESH is giving 20% off best selling products containing natural ingredients: meadowfoam seed oil, rose, soy, sugar and Umbrian Clay. In addition, 10% of in-store and online sales will be dontaed to The Climate Group, a non=profit organization whose goal is to set the economy on the path to a low-carbon, prosperous future.

Visit your local FRESH store today or shop online.


Johnson Body Products Winner...

Congrats to Nina! Nina please email me your full name and address. THANKS!

*** Nina you've had 1 week + to get me your info. Sorry i must select a new winner....and that woul be SELENA. Please email me your adress and full name by Friday. Thanks!


The Art of CHIConomics...

Claudia Jordan from Trump's Celebrity Apprentice gives us tips on CHIConomics:



15% Off @ Sephora...

15 % off at Sephora for all Beauty Insiders until
April 21st!

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In stores, present your Beauty Insider card along with this coupon


BAE Ashanti Interview & Giveaway...

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity, along with six other beauty bloggers, to interview Ashanti. Thanks to Johnson & Johnson, we were able to have a fun round table talk.

Here are a few things she shared with us:

Daily beauty regimen:

neutrogena wash

aveeno moisturizer (sometimes mixed with some vitamin E in the winter)

Favorite hair products to use:

Fred Fekkai shampoo and conditioner

After Party by Bed Head - a smoothing cream

Kimble & Kimble products are also a fav.

Spas she frequents:

Susan Cimenelli Spa located in Bergdorf's on 5th ave. She will only trust her face to Esthetician Lalee.

Favorite Scents:

J'Adore, Fred Fekkai and of course her own fragrance, Precious Jewel

Tips to maintaining healthy hair:

When not working, she likes to give her hair a rest and keeps it low maintenance. She likes Kimble and Kimble's hair butter to moisturize. Sometimes, she'll wash her hair, put on a conditioner and leave it in all day while rocking a ponytail.

Fashion sense: stilettos girl vs flip flop girl:

DEFINITELY a flip flop laid back girl. Can't do the stilettos everyday...lol

Favorite Mascara:

Lancome Hypnose
MAC Fibre

Beauty Must-Haves:

Admits before she got into the industry, she was not into the makeup and all the glitz and glam. Now, her beauty must havs include bronzer, mascara and lip gloss.

Johnson's Body Care has launched a new charitable program that enables real women across the country to support local charities through hosting what they call "cause parties". A get-together with friends having fun and trying out new products! Ashanti hosted the first cause party in NYC in February at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory.

During our interview, Ashanti mentioned that her fav products from the line were:

Body Care 24 Hour Moisturizing Body Wash
Body Care 24 Hour Body Lotion
Baby Oil Gel with Shea & Cocoa Butter

So, here's your chance to win Ashanti's favorite Body Care products. Answer the following question:

What movie was Ashanti's Foolish video inspired by?

Winner will be selected at random and announced on Friday.


Rudy Turns 30!...

WOW! Where does the time go? Keyshia Knight-Pulliam
celebrated her 30th Bday last night in Vegas and looked
FABULOUS doing so. She has grown up to be quite a
beautiful and classy lady.

LUVn that hair, wonder what she uses...


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Cassie's Got A Brand New 'Do...

Why you ask? ... well duh:

“Sometimes in life, you need a change. Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of. Something that displays the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that was always present, but never showcased. Something that makes you look at this whole wide world a differently…. & something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR….Yeah I did it….” -Cassie

You know what, I actually think she would look great with it all off. She's a pretty girl and has the face for it. But this one-sided 'do...um, NO!


Lash Stiletto Winner...

Congrats to Cathy! Please email me (beautyameye@gmail.com) your address by Sunday!


18 Life-Changing Beauty Products

TotalBeauty.com members say you can't live without these makeup and hairstyle wonders from MAC, Clinique and more

We're paying homage to the products TotalBeauty.com members consider staples in their makeup bags and bathroom cabinets. See which goods earned enough glowing beauty product reviews to rise to "can't-live-without-it" status. They may just be the answers to your beauty prayers.

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P.S. - Have you scheduled your Spa Week appointment yet?


You Know What Stilettos Can Do For Your Legs?...

According to Maybelline, they can do the same for your lashes. Introducing their newest mascara, Lash Stiletto. It's claim: Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length .
Well, I recently had the opportunity to try lash stiletto and I think it's the perfect daytime mascara. After applying, my lashes were indeed long and lean. No thickness/volume here, hence "stiletto". Not too vampy, just simple, noticeable lashes that look natural and believable.

So, for my first giveaway ever, tee-hee, the 6th person to leave a comment about their fav mascara will win a tube of Lash Stiletto. Winner will be announced later today!

NOTE: I've hidden the comments and will post them in order when it is time to announce the winner

Below are a few exclusive behind-the-scenes pics...


An Afterglow Glow...

I cannot tell a lie. I've always been a little leary about purchasing makeup at drugstores. If it wasn't from Sephora, a makeup counter at a department store or MAC, it wasn't right. A few weeks ago I read an interview Iman did and during the interview she talked about her fav bronzer:

"My favorite product is bronzer." Use the IMAN Afterglow bronzer on eyes and cheeks by using "one color on the eyes and mix all three for the cheeks for the sun kissed goddess look."

So then I started thinking, if a beauty icon can use this and look absolutely stunning, um...why can't I? So off to WalMart I went. Purchased the last Afterglow available and got to swirling. LUV LUV LUV it. I've been a loyal fan of Cargo's bronzer for a while and although I still love me some Cargo, my pockets love Iman's Afterglow even more.

The compact is 1/3 bronzer, 1/3 pearlized rose, & 1/3 pearlized plum. I've used two different methods when applying. The first time I used it, I first applied the bronzer alone (no swirling of colors), then mixed the pink & plum shimmers and applied it over the bronzer. The second time, I did just as Iman suggested and swirled all three colors, tapped on my cheeks and blended, blended, blended. Both ways turned out lovely. Don't let the "shimmer" scare you. It's not a teeny-bopper glitter/shimmer, it's completely grown & sexy, trust me, don't be afraid!

Below, Byron Barnes uses the Afterglow compact on Asian skin and brown skin models. Iman also has it on during her introduction to the videos.

His method of appying:

Swirl the three colors.
Tap off excess powder before applying to face.
Smile and apply to apples of cheeks using a circular motion.
Sweep upwards toward temples.

Notice how it looks great on all three skin tones and how it works well for a light daytime look and and a more daring dramatic, sex-kitten look.

Which do you prefer?


Aveeno's New Warming Scrub...

If you're looking for a gentle scrub, this is a good option. I went to Target over the weekend and discovered Aveeno's new POSITIVELY AGELESS Warming Scrub. It's a gentle scrub that can be used daily. The warming effect is not a long lasting heat, but it's noticeable and feels nice. The scrub contains shiitake mushrooms which benefits the skin with antioxidants that help prevent cell breakdown and exfoliates the skin and the natural skin lightener, kojic acid, which will aid in brightening the skin overall.

It's like a quick mini-facial at home for about $8. To save even more, visit Aveeno's site for a $2 off coupon.



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