Glow Baby, GLOW!

"Summa summa summatiiiiime....lets just sit back and unwind". There's nothing sexy about flaky, dry skin,
especially in the summatime. Exposed arms, exposed legs...and whatever other body parts you're comfortable "exposing".

Here are a few items I use to fight that battle:

First, I like to use my Gingerbread Man salt scrub by Philosophy.
I personally prefer to scrub on dry skin as opposed to
wet skin. I feel like I get a better "scrub" when I do
it this way. But if you have sensitive skin, use on wet skin.
Afterwards, I rinse off and proceed to cleanse with one
of my many body washes.

Next, while I'm still a little damp, I slather on Neutrogena's Body oil. It's a light sesame oil that disappears into ur skin. No greasy feeling at all! I usually get the fragrance free version. I don't want any competition of scents on my glistening bodaayyy. (Walmart's Equate body oil is good too).

Lastly, I use Stila's Sun Shimmer Dry Oil mixed in with some body lotion
(Lubriderm's SPF 15 lotion).
Don't worry, this is not one of those sparkly, teeny bopper shimmers.
It's very subtle and "I'm so not trying to glow" looking
and when mixed in with your body lotion, it's defintely toned down
for daytime use.

And there you have it, sun-kissed, poolside in St. Tropez skin. STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I'll make sure I get the Neutrogena body oil. I use Vaseline cocoa butter oil, but I find it's too oilly! Gotta make sure I have fab and sexy skin while I'm in LA!

6/30/08, 3:48 PM
MsRitaJanay said...

im always seeing that neutrogena body oil stuff. but im definately gonna try it now!

7/3/08, 1:10 PM

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