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Now we all know that going to bed with a clean face is a must!...But dammit, have you ever had one of those looong nights out and when you get home you just do not feel like going through your routine? I get that " oh what's one pimple" feeling every time I have a late night out, hell sometimes on regular nights too.

In comes Neutrogena Cleasning Towelettes! I discovered these bad boys after a long night out with my cousin. Just a few swipes of these wipes over your face and you're good to go, to bed that is, no moisturizer needed afterwards. Keep a pack of these on your nightstands for those lazy nights and your face will thank you in the a.m.!!!

Available pretty much everywhere: Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, etc etc....



Anonymous said...

i'm soooo gettin these!

6/25/08, 4:35 PM
Peggs said...


6/26/08, 12:33 AM
Anonymous said...

OMG! That's me you're talking about! I'm the cousin! I'm a star!! :)

...I luv these for real though!

6/26/08, 2:50 PM
So Obsessed said...

These are great! I keep a pack at home and a pack at work when I need to freshen up!

6/27/08, 11:22 AM

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