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Are you looking for an underarm antiperspirant that's strong but won't cause any skin irritation? Secret Clinical Strength may be the answer. I purchased this a few months back, but never really used it until recently. Now I should start of by saying that I don't have a major "sweat" problem, but I've always wanted to "skip" the whole deodorant thing sometimes. I mean sometimes the clear ones aren't really that clear, and the extra fighting, long-lasting, promise you're not gonna sweat ones just aren't effective after a few hours. So anyway, I applied two clicks under each arm Monday night, as directed, and went without deodorant on Tuesday and Wednesday. I should also mention that those two days were 90 degree weather days, so what better time to test this out! No wetness, no sweat stains and no odor all day long. It's a winner!

Available @ most drugstores for about $8.



Shenique said...

I don't know about this antiperspirant...if you do in fact have a sweat problem (as I do! Lol) it is not that effective, and I found the smell to be really strong! I think they reccommend that you use day and night...did you try that? If so, were you able to sleep? Lol. The smell was so strong I had to wash it off in order to get my zzz's.

7/12/08, 8:50 AM
beauty am eye said...

oh WOW Shenique! I don't even notice a scent. The directions did say to apply at night and yes I was able to sleep....LMAO!

7/14/08, 12:11 PM

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