Neutrogena's Rainbath...

Over the weekend I got a gynormous size of Neutrogena's Rainbath. I LUV this stuff! I'm usually leary about fragrant gel body washes because I think they're drying, but not so with this! It's moisturizing, lathers really well and leaves no "soapy" residue.

I first tried this stuff yeaaarrrsss ago at a friend's house. Actually, I didnt tell her I was using it, I would always sneak and use some and I always made sure to take my shower AFTER her while the scent was still lingering so she would think the scent was still there from when she took a shower.....(heheheh). I became re-aquainted with it again last summer when I went to go visit this same friend....(talk about was 9 years later and she was still using it). Anyway, I recently finished the 32 oz bottle I purchased that summer after leaving her house and therefore had
to re-stock with a new 40 oz. size!

The gel comes in three scents: Original, Awakening, and Refreshing. The Original scent is a very fragrant, spicey, herbal scent. Awakening is red in color and is a light citrus scent, more feminine. Refreshing is blueish green ( would it have been easier if I just said aqua or turquoise?) and is marine scented.

Other than the fragrance and color, there is no difference between the three. The Refreshing scent is advertised as a body wash/ shaving gel, but in actuality, all three can be used as a shaving gel. Of the three, the Original scent is my fav. Close behing would be the Awakening scent.

Available at most drugstores. However, I do not see the Awakening scent in drugstores. I've only seen it at stores like Costco and BJ's.



Anonymous said...

Same here Kris!!! lol

7/14/08, 12:17 PM
Peggs said...

u hos are no longer allowed to take showers in my house.

7/16/08, 4:45 PM

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