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Now I have read time and time again that curly hair is dry hair. My little girl has tons and tons of thick hair, thanks to her morena/boriqua mixture, that just soaks up any and everything. I can wash her hair at 12:00 and by 12:20 it's a dry frizzy mess! After trying several other products, from those that are specially formulated for curly hair to those that are specially made for mixed hair, I decided to give WEN a try. WEN is a line created by celeb stylist, Chaz Dean. His cleansing conditoners, made with natural ingredients, cleanse hair without the harsh use of chemicals or detergents. After noticing the damaging effects shampoos have on the hair, he came up with this "new" concept. (Get it, WEN is NEW spelled backwards!!!)

There are five different cleansers to choose from:

Sweet Almond Mint is the universal cleansing conditioner that is wonderful for all hair types and is exceptional on fine to medium hair. It only takes one application to notice a difference.

Fig is ideal for medium-to-coarse, wavy-to-curly, and ethnic hair types; and is exceptional on dry, dehydrated, damaged, color-treated, chemically straightened, and heat-damaged hair.

Tea Tree contains moisturizing properties for medium-to-coarse, wavy,
and ethnic hair; and invigorating properties make it exceptional for dry, flaky or sensitive scalps.

Cucumber Aloe is perfect for fine-to-medium hair and especially beneficial for oily scalps and dry hair due to its astringent and moisturizing properties.

Lavender, the newest of the five, is a universal cleanser for all hair types. This cleansing conditioner is rich in moisture, while its light-weight formulation creates volume & body without weighing down the hair.

Now, the process itself is a bit annoying. First you rinse your hair completely for about a minute or so. Next, 10 pumps of the conditioner is applied to the crown of your head, 8-10 pumps to the back and massage for a few minutes. Keep in mind you will not get a lather since there are no sulfates in here. Next, pump another 10-20 pumps and add to the mid-shaft and ends of the hair. Comb through, leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse. The length of your hair determines how many pumps in total you will need. Now to be honest with you, by the third or fourth time using this, I could not deal with all this sectioning and pumping. I mean really, is it that serious?

I used the Fig conditioner on the kid. (It's the one they used on the "ethnic" model on QVC and it seems to be the most moisturizing of all the conditioners.) I definitely noticed a difference in her hair once I was finished. It felt soft and her curls were more definied than usual. After about an hour or so, there was no frizz. Her hair was still soft and bouncy. I was sold! As long as her hair can remain a non -frizzy mess hours after "cleansing", I am sold.
Available @: QVC and Chaz Dean's website.



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