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This one-step facial cleanser is THEEE best cleanser out there. I've been using this cleanser for the past 2 years and it is fantastic. I've never been this faithful to any product. ( I'm such a product whore....mamma has liiiived!) It melts away makeup, cleanses and tones without stripping and drying out your face. Purity Made Simple indeed!

Available in it's original creamy formula and a new foam pump formula at Sephora.



Unknown said...

is this good for sensitive skin?

8/6/08, 11:37 AM
Baucy said...

im gonna hafta give it a try

8/6/08, 12:14 PM
Unknown said...

i tried this and uhhhhhhh it made me break out (either that or the face moisturizer that i also purchased)!

8/20/08, 8:12 PM

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