Shower With Brad Pitt...

Brad Pitt has teamed up with Kiehl's to raise funds for charity. The new Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser is the brand's first item that is completely eco-friendly right down to the packaging. Kiehl's and Pitt aren't making a bundle of cash from this deal, all profits from the sale of this product will support JPF ECO SYSTEMS, a charitable partnership created by the two to maximize awareness of environmental sustainability.

The Downside: Brad isn't appearing in any ads. But I'm focused on the good it will do!!!!

"Kiehl's formulated this product to minimize the impact we have on our environment. All proceeds will go to benefit green initiatives around the globe."

hmmm...wonder if Roseann Barr will be purchasing a bottle.....HA!



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