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After reading DE's raves about the Aubrey Organics conditioners, I decided to give the line a try. A few months ago, mid June-ish, I went on the website and was completely overwhelmed with the many options. So I called the company and got a quick consult over the phone. After speaking with the rep, she recommended the Island Naturals shampoo/conditioner.

So, I purchased the two at Whole Foods and have been in love with the conditioner since. The shampoo, on the other hand, I didn't fancy. After washing with the shampoo, my hair had that squeaky - clean feeling. Um, I HATE that! I feel like it stripped my hair and made it super dry. But I'm guessing it's because it's an all natural shampoo and there aren't any silicones and other stuff coating my hair, which I guess is a good thing???? Afterwards, I applied the conditioner and OMGAH!!!! FANTASTIC! The conditioner is thick and coats the hair really well. The end result, shiny, soft, comb-through easily, manageable hair!

The Aubrey Organics line has been around since the late 60's and have a pretty simple philosophy: great ingredients make great products. They take pride in using only the finest herbal, plant extracts and natural vitamins in all of their products. NO SULFATES are used. All hair types can use this line including dry, normal and oily. I myself prefer the Island Naturals for my permed hair. The White Camelia conditioner, works great on my daughter's thick, curly hair.

Available @ Whole Foods.



Kristi said...

This is so exciting! I have been searching for a new conditioner for my thick, coarse and curly hair.

9/29/08, 9:33 AM

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