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I've raved in the past about Neutrogena's body oil. It's a light, sesame oil that is great for moisturiztion. Once applied, it leaves a soft and silky feel with a healthy glow. It's best applied immediately after bathing to damp skin. Available for about $9.

Equate Body Oil is a similar body oil with the same benefits. It's claims are that it conditions and moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and supple. Available for about $4 @ Walmart.



Anonymous said...

Which one helps ash the best? and what is the difference between using these and baby oil?

10/21/08, 2:01 PM
Anonymous said...

I love the Equate version. It is nothing like baby oil, it is not heavy at all, and I don't think baby oil does anything for dryness (unlike vaseline). It doesn't seem like it gets absorbed into the (my) skin. This is a very light oil, and it stops being oily after awhile, you can towel it off right away, or lounge around in it until it is absorbed.

1/19/09, 9:19 PM

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