Luxe For Less: Origins Ginger Scrub...

Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub was one of my first scrub obsessions. White and Brown Sugars exfoliate away dead dull skin while Olive Oil hydrates. And the ginger smell is oohhh sooo heavenly...I loved it and I got a few friends hooked too.
(Available at Origins stores for $26)

This morning I stopped by Rite-Aid to um....I dunno...I just did. Anyway, I stumbled on Booth's Ginger Sugar Body Scrub and took a whiff and it took me back to my Origins days. Simple ingredients include sugar to exfoliate and Cocoa and Shea butter to hydrate. The spicy ginger smell and texture is just the same as Origins'. Great alternative!!!
(Available at Rite-Aid stores for $6)



Dominican Enigma said...

I love that origins scrub!

10/25/08, 4:32 PM
Peggs said...

the problem is my face is so sensitive.. it burns when it isn't the right scrub.. can I get a sample?

10/27/08, 11:21 PM
beauty am eye said...

@ peggs: this is a body scrub... : )

10/28/08, 8:56 AM
Rebel Chic designed by Tisha Brown said...

doesn't the packaging look like a Kiehl's knockoff

10/29/08, 6:56 AM
beauty am eye said... does!

10/29/08, 10:35 AM
Cherie said...

OMG! I'm a Origins Ginger Scrub addict and I know if you say it's comparable it is! Gonna get some of the Booth's

11/3/08, 2:30 PM

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