Perfume For Your Hair?...

Everyone knows that "perfuming" your hair is the best way to make a scent last....right? Spritz some of your fav fragrance on a hairbrush and brush it through your strands, or spritz the air and walk through the fragrance, some of it will settle on your hair. But to make a perfume specifically for your hair? Hmmmm, a bit much, no?
Tom Ford's Luminous Hair Perfume promises to leave your hair soft, shiny and bouncy, thanks to the pro-vitamin B5 it contains, and scented with his best selling Black Orchid fragrance. But a 1.7 ounce bottle costs $80!!

Pink Sugar has a less expensive ($15) one that promises to protect your hair from harmful UV rays while lightly scenting it with notes of vanilla and musk.

But then the question becomes, what if I dont want to smell like my hair perfume one day. Then what? Will my hair scent clash with my body scent? What's a girl tuh do?

What do you think? "Genius" or "Soooo not necessary"...



PGE said...

Not necessary - but would work if you wear your signature scent every day.

10/21/08, 1:54 PM
Mik said...

I think it's Genius- my hair picks up all kinds of scents throughout the day, from food to smoke, so why not give it a boost of freshness plus UV protection- I'd like to try Tom Ford's..

10/22/08, 10:16 AM
Anonymous said...

If your someone that like variety (different hair pieces), it's genius to add a little flavor to your hair so you don't smell like a fresh pack of hair extensions. I'd love something without alcohol, though,to avoid dryness of your own hair.

10/22/08, 2:53 PM
Dominican Enigma said...

nah, I'll wash my hair and it shouldn't stink

10/25/08, 4:32 PM
Anonymous said...

i love the idea of perfume for the hair!!! not to over do it, but when you got ALL this hair, like i do, it's always good to have a light pretty scent mixed up in it! :)

and i wash my hair everyday, but still......

10/27/08, 4:04 PM

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