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I just rediscovered this this morning...under my bathroom A great cleanser that keeps your hands amazingly soft after washing. Great for the winter.

It's a gel-like cleanser, with aloe vera and jojoba oils, that melts in your hands...literally! Just slather some on dry hands and rinse. When you're done, scratch your hands....NO ASH AT ALL!

Don't just keep it near your bathroom sink, but your kitchen sink too. If you're like me, you wash your hands 50 times when cooking a meal....why? I dunno, I just do. Also a great gift for people in the heathcare/medical field, they wash their hands all the time!

Availabe at Bath & Body Works



So Obsessed said...

This is definitely for me! I swear I have OCD- I am constantly washing my hands- the ash is remarkable... I am going to Bath & Body immediately!!

12/4/08, 12:31 PM
Anonymous said...

MEEEE TOO, i wash my hands a million times a day, i need to get this and it sounds like a nice gift to people not only in the health field, that just have OCD like us...hehehheheheee


12/5/08, 10:55 AM

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