A Coincidence?...

So, Ty Inc., famous for their Beenie Babies, have two new babies on the block. Their names...Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia. BUT, according spokeswoman Tania Lundeen, the dolls are not Obama dolls, they just happen to like these names and decided to make brown doll babies with pigtails.

Says Lundeen:

"There's nothing on the dolls that refers to the Obama girls...It would not be fair to say they are exact replications of these girls. They are not.”

Why "Sasha" and "Malia":

because they "are beautiful names, "not because of any resemblance to Malia and Sasha Obama..." Lundeen insisted.

Um yeah...OK!! If I wasn't such a professional (wink, wink)...my first reaction to this would go a little sumthn' like this: "(BLEEP) please!"



Boss said...

im not a professional i guess so i'll say it 4 u BITCH PLEASE...further more fuck outta here LMAO

1/22/09, 2:47 PM
Marlene said...

thank you Boss. because we all know that white america see these names a ethnic. and i guess President Obama and Firs Lady, Michelle should be grateful that ty did not sue them for naming their children after one of it products. Yeah we're stupid.

1/22/09, 3:17 PM
Peggs said...

boss .. DIT-TO

1/22/09, 4:09 PM

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