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The master stylist behind the iconic looks of A-listers like Gisele, Ellen Pompeo and Fergie, John Frieda International Creative Consultant Harry Josh tells Cosmopolitan magazine in its May issue (on stands now) how to achieve the season’s must-have style no matter what your hair type.

Got Fine Hair?

THE GOAL: A natural look that adds volume and movement every time you turn your head.

THE TRICK: Focus on the lower part of strands and stop stressing about all-over waves.

HOW TO: Blow dry the top portion of hair from cheekbones up. Leave the bottom of your hair slightly damp and coil it into a tight bun. Blast the bun with a blow-dryer until its dry. Mist with a flexible hair spray like John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Out Hold Hair Spray, $6.50.

Got Medium Hair?

THE GOAL: Sleek spirals that twist away from your face to show off your features without crowding them out.

THE TRICK: Hold the curling iron vertically as you twist it clockwise to create coils that fold into your natural texture.

HOW TO: Apply a smoothing spray all over to minimize frizz and protect from heat styling (try the new John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat, $6.50) then blow dry. Loosely wrap 1-inch sections around a medium-barrel iron starting at chin level (remember to hold the iron vertically as you twist). Then gently rake fingers through hair and shake out so it settles into piece-y waves.

Got Thick Hair?

THE GOAL: Keep curls weightless and airy to avoid looking droopy or heavy.

THE TRICK: Create diffused waves by brushing them out to add lift and life.

HOW TO: Apply an anti-frizz formula (Josh recommends a drop of John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Serum, $10) and dry with a diffuser, then curl random sections with a large-barrel iron. Leave the ends out so they bend in different directions and create bounce. Finally, flip hair over and lightly brush out to create subtle waves.



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