Home Sweet Home...

Dontcha just love walking into a home that has that ahhhhh aroma? That home sweet home scent. A few weeks ago, I received some candles from Chayil Candle that are nothing short of heaven scent. Made with vegetable food grade soy wax and 100% cotton wicks, they not only smell good, they're "good for you" too. But what was most amazing is how fragrant these candles were even when not lit.

The candles come in four scents:
Blue Ice - a blend of true mint, eucalyptus, and spearmint,
Ch'i - a herbal combination of soothing lavender, rosemary and ylang,
Exhilarate - blend of geranium bergamot and eucalyptus,
Invigorate - a bouquet of fresh lemons
Rejuvenate - a blend of Mountain water, citrus zests and eucalyptus.

Of the four, Exilarate is my fav!

Owners Ms. Burke and Ms. Weathers take pride in providing high quality products and want you to experience it too. For a limited time if you purchase a 7 oz. candle, you will will receive a 2 oz. travel tin for free. Be sure to enter BeautyAm Eye in the "company name" section during check out.



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