A Magnifique Commercial & Giveaway...

Lancôme ambassador Anne Hathaway, recently shot a new commercial for Magnifique. Styled by fashion maven, Rachel Zoe, the commercial was shot in NYC nightclub, The Box.

Magnifique is a spicy, floral, woody fragrance perfect for a summer's night out.

Check out the commercial here.

In celebration of the new commercial, BAE has teamed up with Lancome for a Magnifique giveaway. To get your own bottle, leave a comment below about your favorite summer fragrance. Be sure to check back on Thursday for the winner.



diskogal said...

Ohhh another amazing giveaway!
I don't know if I'm eligible to win, since I was one of the winners of the Root Awakening giveaway, but my favorite summer scent is Be Delicious, by DKNY! I really want to try the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom too, I'm sure I'm gonna love it as well!

5/19/09, 2:25 PM
stylt said...

ooh, anne looks gorgeous in that commercial! hehe, well, my favorite summer fragrance (actually, my favorite everyday fragrance) is probably eau de tranquility from clarins. for some very strange reason, that scent makes me very happy...not in the weird 'heheee, i looove liiiife' kinda way, just the 'ah~' way :D

5/19/09, 11:42 PM
MissBling said...

Hands down it's Moschino's "I Love Love"! The name is probably a bit cheesy but it smells so nice and fresh! It reminds me of summer and mojitos by the beach.

5/20/09, 9:53 AM
Deanna said...

I don't know if it's that summery but I love Gap's "Velvet Bloom."

5/20/09, 4:25 PM
Coco said...

I really like Envy Me from Gucci! I really like light and fruity scents and this definitely is both :)

5/20/09, 6:41 PM
Peggs said...

choose me.. choose me

5/26/09, 9:47 AM

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