Protect Your Pucker...

While in Puerto Rrrrrrrico weeks ago, I made sure to apply and re-apply my sunscreen while I was at the beach and pool. I had my face, body, toes, everywhere was covered. All places, except my lips. It didn't even cross my mind. I just made sure to apply my trusty Yes 2 Carrots lip balm and a tad of lip gloss on my lips.

Fast forward to check-out day. I felt a little sore on my lip but thought nothing of it. A few days later a small dark mark appeared on my bottom lip. Of course being the hypochondriac that I am, I made an appointment to see my derm. Basically, what had happened was, my lip was sunburned and the discoloration would eventually lighten up once the summer months were long gone. Of course I need to monitor it, but for the most part, she was pretty sure it was a result of all my fabulousness under the sun in P.R.

Yes 2 Carrots does such a great job with moisturizing my lips withouht that waxy feeling. BUT, unfortunately it has no SPF. (hint, hint) As a result, it is now the base for my Chapstick w/ SPF 30.

Don't forget your lip ladies!!!!!!!



Peggs said...

Yes.. the sun is HAWT on the islands.. how can we forget our precious kiss seekers

8/17/09, 12:25 PM
Mischo Beauty said...

So very important- so glad you mentioned protecting our lips- so easy to forget! This is a lesson for everyone!!!

9/17/09, 10:52 AM

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