Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer

I've been eyeing the Korres line for a while simply because I'm trying to incorporate more "natural" things into my lifestyle , including beauty. The line was started by pharmacist George Korres and his wife Lena Korres, a chemical engineer. They set out to create products that deliver beneficial results without the use of synthetic ingredients. Instead, essential oils, herbs and plant extracts are used for their luxurious feeling products.

Tyra: Beauty Inside & Out...

Last week Tyra launched her new online magazine about beauty, inside and out:

"...We cover beauty, fashion, self-esteem, relationships, just like the talk show does but in a more personal way because the user can go back and forth with me. I’m also going to be discovering stars. I’m going to discover models there, I’m going to be discovering people who work behind the scenes, doing a lot of mentoring and it’s fun. "

Check it out here


Fashion's Night Out...

Did your invite for Fashion Week get lost in the mail? Afraid that you won't be able to marvel in the fabulousness that is Fashion Week? Don't fret. Thursday Evening, starting at about 6pm, get mixed up in all the fabulousness and attend a big celebration of Fashion during NYC's Fashion Night Out. Tons of retailers will stay open until 11pm while you enjoy sales, bubbly, live entertainment, celeb appearances and more.




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