Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer

I've been eyeing the Korres line for a while simply because I'm trying to incorporate more "natural" things into my lifestyle , including beauty. The line was started by pharmacist George Korres and his wife Lena Korres, a chemical engineer. They set out to create products that deliver beneficial results without the use of synthetic ingredients. Instead, essential oils, herbs and plant extracts are used for their luxurious feeling products.

I've been using their Wild Rose 24-hour moisturizer for the last three weeks and ohhh laaaa laaaa. At first I was a little worried that this cream-like moisturizer would cause my combo skin to break out, but nonetheless I tried it anyway. It sinks in instantly and does not leave a greasy residue like most "heavier" moisturizers do. I've been applying it all over my face, including my oily forehead, and haven't had any problems.

The product's claim to fame is Wild Rose oil which is a natural source of Vitamin C that helps to brighten the complexion. I honestly have not noticed a difference in brightness of my skin, but as far as moisturizing goes, it's fantastic! Definitely a product to continue using throughout the winter months.

Available at Sephora

Two to try next for me will be the Wild Rose mask and serum



Anonymous said...

I also love the Wild Rose Lotion. It's so heavy that all I could think about was how badly it would break me out. I have gone on to to the honey yogurt lotion and still have yet to experience a single breakout. I love how luxurious the Korres products feel when I put them on, even the makeup.

10/13/09, 1:26 AM
The Master SEO said...

Korres Products are always good! Same experience as yours :)

10/13/09, 8:10 AM
Mischo Beauty said...

As you know, I love it too! LOL :)

10/15/09, 6:20 PM

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