The Hands Reveal All...

So a few weeks ago I was watching some old eps of The Real Housewives of Orange County ( nothing like the ORIGINAL!). Anyway, fast forward to when Lauri was planning her wedding. I'm looking at all these things she's does to, well, stay young.  There's botox, boob job, thin frame, big hair, all these things and then there it is. A shot of her hands and I'm like oh myyyyyyy! They just did not "match" the rest of her. They looked aged...

Then I got to thinking, aside from our bi-weekly manis, how much do we really take care of them? Not much. Although eyes are where the first signs of aging appear, your hands can be a dead giveaway to.

For the last month I've been doing two things to keep my hands younger looking. First I've been using this lotion by Zo Skin Health called Oraser. It's a daily hand repair lotion with retinol, anti-oxidants and most importantly, SPF. My hands definitely look smoother and more firm since I've been using this. Think of when you're driving and how the sun is reflecting on your hands and how fast that skin is aging!

The second are paraffin treatments. I give myself weekly treaments and they feel grrreat! Initially, I just did it becasue I liked the way the wax felt on my hands. Hands are dipped into a warm wax bath a few times. The wax hardens and takes the form of a glove. Later I read up on the benefits and found that this process rehydrates the skin, softens the skin, improves circulation and also eases joint stiffness.

Doc put it best:



Anonymous said...

thanks this sounds great! I'm wondering if the waz job does the same for the feet?

10/14/09, 3:17 PM

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