Beauty Vending Machines...

So you're packed and ready to go.  You get to the airport, go through check-in and once again, you're not allowed on with your beauty needs because of the regulations.  Well, don't fret, Sephora Vending Machines are popping up at airports across the U.S.  There you'll find your fav skincare, makeup and beauty needs for your trip.  So far participating airports include:  BNA-Nashville, TN,  LAS-Las Vegas, NV,  IND- Indianapolis, IN,  DFW-Dallas, TX, JFK-Queens, NY and IAH-Houston, TX.



Peggs said...

Yes.. I saw.. I luv.. the best idea yet!

12/17/09, 8:05 PM
The Obsessionista said...

this IS the best idea ever!! I would go to the airport just to shop at the vending maching...

12/24/09, 10:04 AM

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