An Unexpected Surprise...

Three weeks ago I headed to ATL for the weekend for my best friend's wedding.  While packing, the night before of course, I found myself scrounging around the house for little bottles to put my skincare products in....

...then suddenly I remembered I had a few sample sets I received a few months ago while attending a Beauty Summit in NYC.  I ended up grabbing the first thing I saw, which was an organic skincare line named Luzerne.  The company combines organic and medical principles in all of their products.  It is paraben, sulfate and formaldehyde free, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic with promises of leaving your skin clean and glowing.

Included in the set was the Pure Cleansing Gelee, the Vita-O2 Hydra-Refining Mist, Wrinkle Eraser Serum and Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Creme.

First let me tell you, when I saw that the cleaser was a "gelee" and the moisturizer had a gel-like texture, I immediately thought my skin was going to be tight and dry.  This was soooo not the case.  The cleanser felt nice and did not leave my skin irritated and tight after rinsing.  In a word, my skin was calm.  The Oxygen moisturizer was a dream.  It glided on easily and absorbed instantly, leaving my skin absolutely glowing. Such a luxurious feeling from such a simple product.

I used the line the entire weekend while in ATL, morning and night, and continued once I got back home for another 2 weeks.  What was interesting is after only using the line for the first three days, when I returned to work on Monday, two of my co-workers commented on how nice my skin looked. I mean wow, this was only after using it for THREE days! 

It's rare that all my products are from one line, but this is a line where I would definitely use everything.  I had a good experience with all four products.  By far the star of the line for me was the Force De Vie Pure Oxygen Creme.  I would bathe in this if I could.  I never thought an organic line would yield such great results! 

Available online and at select spas.



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