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Whether it's from hair gels, hairsprays, or even your shampoo, occasional blemishes around your hairline are more common than you may think. A lot of haircare products contain ingredients that strip the oils in your hair, which in turn, also strips the skin. When you skin is dried out like this it sends your oil glands into overdrive to make up for the oil that is lacking. The end result, a crown of pimples around your hairline.

Kairos has developed a line of hair products with salicylic acid to help elimate, treat and prevent acne. How GENIOUS!

Kairos is a new approach to acne management: the first-ever complete anti-acne hair care system formulated to help treat and prevent breakouts by combating the acne-causing factors linked to hair and hair products. The range was created for all acne sufferers, and designed to provide salon-quality hair care benefits without the acne-irritating aftermath often caused by other hair care.
What It Does Exactly:

Eliminate: Formulate hair care without acne-aggravating and pore-clogging ingredients like those present in most hair care products

Treat: Clear & control breakouts by unclogging pores

Prevent: Help to prevent acne by balancing the overproduction of oil by the scalp & limiting acne-aggravating oils and ingredients

AND, do the above while still ensuring that the hair is healthy and looks great!

And best of all, your hair is still left shiny, soft and tangle free! What more could you ask for?

Too good to be true? Wanna try it out?  Follow me on twitter and retweet this post to enter for your chance to win the Clarifying Complexion-Clearing Shampoo and Balancing Breakout-Controlling Conditioner.

Winner will be chosen and announced on Friday March 5th @ noon!



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