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Ettoré Spa is a local spa in downtown Philadelphia located at the Marriot hotel.  I've been in and out once or twice to purchase hair products and have always been meaning to come back for a spa service.  So this past Sunday, at the last minute, I decided to take advantage of Spa Finder's Deal Days and book the Stress Relief massage...

So here we go....

Staff:  When I first arrived, there were two ladies at each of their front desks.  I was not greeted when I walked in.  Once I said hello and asked where should I check in, I was told by one of the ladies, "either here or there is fine".  A little awkward standing in the middle of two desks.  Once I was checked in, I was seated in the waiting area to fill out paperwork. 

Ambiance/Decor:  I didn't get the spaaahh feel when I initially walked in but figured that was due to the hair salon being downstairs, which is normal when you have a spa with a hair salon located in it. I figured once I got upstairs it would be more serene and relaxing. The waiting area was small. Iced water available for guests. Uupstairs was not at all what I expected. It was quieter than downstairs, but nothing was spa-like about it. No waiting area upstairs. I was taken straight to the massage room to get undressed. Decor was basic. Walls were neutral colors and simple.

Service:  My female masseuse greeted me downstairs and escorted me upstairs to my room.  Once I was changed, she came in and began the massage.  I was not asked about my trouble spots, what type of pressure I like, etc.  Some of these questions were asked on the form I filled out, but I still think there should be some discussion or review of my answers.  Moving on, the massage itself was basic, nothing to run home about.  The pressure was not as deep as I like. Honestly, I barely felt anything.  She used way too much oil and was just slipping and sliding all over my body.  The massage felt rushed and was not very relaxing.  The best part of the massage was the warm towel placed on my back to take off the oil.  That was more relaxing to me than the actual massage.  When it was over, I still felt tense all over, especially in my upper back/shoulder area, which is where I carry all my stress if you will.  No stress was relieved.  Lastly, after the massage, I was never offered a glass of water, but was told several times how important it was to drink water after a massage.  hmmmmm?

The Highs:  Convenient location, accomodates last minute appointments.

The Lows: Staff not very attentive, barely any communication between masseuse and guest, service was not customized to my needs/concerns.

Final Verdict:  Even with the discounted rate, I was not impressed and will probably not return.  I feel there are better spas in the city that are worth the money. 



Tinsley Lohan said...

hmmm! thanks! good to get reviews!

3/17/10, 2:31 PM
Peggs said...

I would never go there. You should contact the manager and alert them of the disservice

3/22/10, 9:44 AM

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