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Hi Beauties! Did you enjoy the fabulous weather over the weekend? It's about time wouldn't you say? On Saturday, I took a stroll downtown just enjoying the beautiful day. While there, I stopped into Beans Beauty store just to look around (*side eye).  While there, I noticed that there were 1oz packets of. two Miss Jessie's products I've been meaning to try, Creme De La Curl cleansing cream and Creme De La Creme conditioner.  At $1.95 each, I figured why not, plus I was looking for an excuse to wash my hair again this week...

The De La Curl is the latest addition to the cleansing conditioner craze with promises of cleaning strands without the harsh effects of sulfates often found in shampoos.  The De La Creme is the follow-up condish to moisturize and detangle the hair.  Once I got home, I got down to business.  The first thing I noticed was unlike the two other cleansing conditioners I've used, there weren't these rules of applying X amount of pumps here and X+2 amount of pumps there.  Directions were simple and to the point, pour in your palm and begin washing.  So, I  thoroughly wet my hair and then applied the cleansing creme to my hair and scalp, massaged it in, rinsed and repeated.  Afterward, I applied the conditioner, put on a plastic cap and let it sit for 15 minutes, rinsed and then added a little of the conditioner as a leave-in.

Uhhhh, OMG I'm in love with this stuff.  My hair felt super soft and was loose, meaning it wasn't all shriveled up.  It's been 10 weeks since my last relaxer but my roots felt moisturized, soft and laid flat.  How could this be?  Lastly, but most importantly, I was able to detangle my hair with little effort.  WHAT!??  Those who know me know that this is my BIGGEST complaint when washing my hair.  I always have issues detangling...ughhhh.  Moving on, I let my hair air dry and hours later, it was still soft and manageable!  I'm sold!



Fit For Fashion said...

What? You detangled without breakin' a comb?!? Lol

This stuff sounds magical. I must try!

4/5/10, 9:12 AM
Peggs said...

OMG.. i'm excited.. where can I pick up in ny?

4/5/10, 11:40 AM
Sonia said...

Eva-K you're my she-ro! You save me $$ having to buy these products and try them myself... Thanks, dahlin!

4/5/10, 7:30 PM
the beautynista said...

@ Fit For Fash...yes u must try...!
@ Peggs and Sonia...Target is selling the line!!!
4/5/10, 9:15 PM

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