Spa Sally: Making Spas Fun & Affordable...

Who is Spa Sally?  I dunno, some fab chic who somehow convinced NYC spas to offer services for just $25.  How it works is, every Tuesday a new deal for one specific spa is posted for $25.  It can be a facial, massage, pedi/mani, hair service, basically whatever the spa wants to offer.  You have all day Tuesday to purchase the deal, but get this, you have up to ONE YEAR from date of purchase to use it!  How fab is that!

So again....Who is Spa Sally? Like I said, some fab chic...

Head on over to 25Tuesdays to check out today's deal.



The Obsessionista said...

ooooohhhh... i need this. I'm on it! Thanks mang!

4/13/10, 1:04 PM

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