3 Simple Steps To Washing Your Hair...

Properly washing your hair can literally transform your look.  Check out these three simple steps to follow...

1.  Detangle...before you shampoo.  Hair is at it's most fragile state when it is wet, so detangling in the shower may result in a lot more of your hairin the drain.  Detangling beforehand w help lessen those tangles.

2.  Shampoo & Condish.  Use about a quarter size amount of shampoo and massage it into your scalp.  Avoid applying the shampoo on the length of your hair, especially the ends.  Do not pile all of your hair on top of your head and rub...hellloooo...tangles!  Next Apply your conditioner.  Start applying at the ends, which are the driest, and work your way up.  No need to apply on your scalp,  which can cause greasy roots.

3.  Rinse.  Sounds simple right?  Well a lot of times we just stand under the running water for a few seconds and we're done.  The proper way would be to seperate the hair and rinse thoroughly in sections.  Rinsing with cool water helps seal the cuticle and locks in that shine!

What are some methods you use when washing your hair?



temptu said...

We should always keep this in mind when taking a bath. Thanks for posting.

9/8/10, 10:20 AM

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