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UPDATE: *** Alrighty then.  No response from Natasha.  Gia, you are the next winner.  Please contact me with your info by midnight tonight!

Since Daphney has not responded, a new winner has been selected and it is Natasha.  Please email me your info. by midnight tonight or another winner will be selected!

Ok, so my daughter has chosen the winner and her name is Daphney.  Please email me your name and address by midnight tonight!  (Another winner will be selected if I do not hear from you).

Thanks to everyone for entering!

Hey there!  Long time, no speak!  I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. I've been away for a few days and have been swamped at work.  I need a better way to manage it all.  Anyway, to start off the week, I've got a giveaway you're gonna love...

I'm sure you've heard about the latest craze with argan oil and it's many benefits.  It's an oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree in Morocco and is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E.  MOROCCANOIL® is a line that carries several products with 100% Argan Oil.  The line includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, glimmer spray and the best selling oil treatment.

I've been using the oil treatment for a few months now and love it.  I've used it as a leave in treatment after washing to keep hair soft and frizz free while drying and used it after styling to add luster and shine to my hair.  Recently, I've learned that some are using it as a pre-shampoo treatment by applying to scalp and hair for 30 minutes, then washing.  You know I love a multi-tasking product!  And did I mention the scent, ohhhh lalala, it smells heavenly.

Wanna try it?  I am giving away a bottle of the oil treatment. To enter, simply leave a comment below by 11:59pm Sunday. Winner will be announced Monday morning.

***Open to U.S. residents only***

Good Luck!



The Obsessionista said...

I want it!

7/20/10, 9:04 AM
PolkaDotGlam said...

I'd love to try this!

7/20/10, 9:34 AM
Anonymous said...

Love love love this. Makes my hair manageable. It is great to put on before heading to beach I let the oil treat my hair with the heat of the sun- virginia a. Ny

7/20/10, 9:35 AM
jyvette92 said...

I have heard a lot about this product and would live to try it.

7/20/10, 9:36 AM
Anonymous said...

I would love this! It sounds like a great product!

7/20/10, 9:53 AM
Walter said...

Enter Me I want it too

7/20/10, 9:59 AM
Ynetta said...

Wow.. I have been hearing great stuff about this oil but never bought it because money is tight. I hope that I win. Please enter me.

7/20/10, 10:33 AM
Astird said...

Please enter me, Ive heard about this oil, seen it on other lista's pages and I wanted to try it since the beginning of my hair journey.

7/20/10, 10:42 AM
MzKandies said...

oooOO OOOooo!!! Enter me!!! Pick me!!! lol Please enter me in your giveaway =)

7/20/10, 10:47 AM
Sonia said...

I have been told my several people to try this on my natural, curly hair.

7/20/10, 2:26 PM
Deanna G. said...

I've been wanting to try this forever! :)

7/20/10, 2:28 PM
Tai Nycole said...

I've heard such great things about MoroccanOil, would love to try it :)

7/20/10, 2:57 PM
Cindy said...

I've been dying to try this!

7/20/10, 3:06 PM
Gia said...

I've been wanting to try this oil since I started my hair journey but I cant afford it. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Choose ME!!!!!!!!!!!

7/20/10, 4:20 PM
brittney nicole said...

nter me :-)

7/20/10, 7:21 PM
Erika said...

Love Love it! I need it in my life.

7/20/10, 10:06 PM
Caroline said...

I'd love to try it!

7/20/10, 10:14 PM
athall98 said...

I've heard amazing things about this product! Please enter me

7/20/10, 10:47 PM
Daphney said...

I just got put on to your blog and now you're giving away my obsession of the moment!! Love it!!! **crossing my fingers** Hope I win!

7/22/10, 9:41 AM
Selena said...

I wanna try it :)

7/22/10, 8:20 PM
Emari Parsons said...


7/22/10, 8:30 PM
Janel Odigie said...

I would love some moroccon oil. Hope I win:)

7/22/10, 9:15 PM
Carrie Hilton said...

Wow! I've always wanted to try Moroccan Oil! I don't think that they sell it here in Jamaica though. I think this is worth a shot

7/22/10, 9:55 PM
claudja_dwight said...

enter me

7/23/10, 5:32 AM
The Obsessionista said...

ummm- Me! PICK MEE!!!

7/23/10, 3:52 PM
Rebel Chic designed by Tisha Brown said...

I wanna try it!

7/25/10, 12:39 AM
Anonymous said...

Pick me!

7/25/10, 12:42 AM
Anonymous said...

I would love to try it!

7/25/10, 7:16 AM
Natasha said...

My neighbor just told me this oil. Since I am almost two weeks into my natural hair journey, I would love to try this product.

7/25/10, 8:51 AM
Danny said...

Yay! Enter Me!! =D

7/25/10, 10:31 AM
Anonymous said...

As a newbie to proper hair care, this would be a great product for trial and discovery.


7/25/10, 10:36 AM
Anonymous said...

Please enter me. I'm transitioning to natural.

7/25/10, 11:16 AM
Anima A. said...

oooo I want to win!

7/25/10, 11:33 AM
Chauntae Townsen said...

I would love to try it! I have had natural hair for over a year now and my sister just RAVES about how great it is!!

7/25/10, 11:58 AM
Crystal said...

Would like to enter!

7/25/10, 3:26 PM
Shan-chan! said...

Wow! I would like to win this!
I never heard of it, until I saw your post on hairlista. I did some research and would definitely like to use this. Good luck to all the entries.

7/25/10, 10:59 PM
Amberpaige said...

I would love to try it, but just can't afford it. Since Im 16 =/. I hope I get picked! hhg ^_^

7/25/10, 11:04 PM
jackie said...

i want 2 give this a try habent ever tried this oil b4

7/25/10, 11:05 PM
Andegone said...

heard great things about it, would love to try it!

7/25/10, 11:08 PM
Anonymous said...

Enter me in the Moroccan Oil Giveaway..

I've been faithfully dedicated to my Hair Journey as of Jan. 2010. I have found great pleasure in implementing natural oils in my Hair Care Regimen for deep conditioning treatments. I have read many reviews and have watched lots of videos on this, great product. Although; I haven't had the opportunity to experiment with pure "Moroccan Oil" at this point.Even though I would love to, for its many benefits for African American Hair.

So I am entering in this give-a-way in hopes to win it...

Thank you!

7/25/10, 11:33 PM

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