Who Wears Short Shorts?

Hey Everybody,

Yesterday was the official first day of summer and I couldn't be happier. Summer dresses, flip flops, gynourmous sunglasses and bright bold colors that remind me of the carribean....aaaghhhh! Apparently Essie is feeling the same about bright bold colors. Their new Neon Collection boasts four fabulous colors that look great on all skintones.

The four colors, from left to right, include: Shorty Pants (yellow), Short Shorts (pink), Mini Shorts (orange)and Bermuda Shorts (purple). Right now I'm rockin' the pink on my toes and have gotten tons of comps!!

Essie offers the limited edition colors in a mini set. Get yours @ Essie and step out in style!



Peggy said...


6/23/08, 9:44 AM
Taina and Mikki said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 6/23/08, 11:57 AM
Cassie said...

Hey! Just checking out the blog. Very cute, I luv it. ***Cassie

6/23/08, 3:24 PM
Jetsetterchic said...

OMG...i wear Shorty Pants. It looks fabs on caramel skin!

6/24/08, 10:09 PM
Mikki said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 6/27/08, 11:25 AM
Mikki said...

No, for real! These colors really *pop* on caramel skin! Mini Shorts is my absolute fav!

6/27/08, 11:27 AM
Legz23 said...

I tried the pink as you suggested and it's FAB FAB FAB!!! My toes look delicious & i have the serious bronzey tan..lol

6/27/08, 5:09 PM

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