Banish Body Breakouts...

Neutrogena's Body Clear body wash is a great help with body breakouts. The kind that you get on your back, shoulders and chest. I prefer it compared to other body washes because it has a higher percentage of salicylic acid in it. Most other body washes I've seen usually have 0.5% in them. I've been using the original for a while now and it works pretty well. But now there's a pink grapfruit scent!!! I stumbled on it @ CVS Thursday night and it smells divine! It's pretty too!

Available for about $6-$7 bucks pretty much everywhere.



Shenique said...

I love this product, I've been using it since its inception. So excited to hear about the pink grapefruit scent, thanks! I also used Clinique's acne body spray along with the Neutrogena body clear, but now I do not need both. I guess since I am getting older (ugh), breakouts are becoming uncommon (yay!!!), now if I could only get rid of "greasy face syndrome." I'm tired of blotting papers.

8/18/08, 6:00 PM
Cherie said...

LUV the body wash, I also purchased the facial scrub, LUV them both!

8/24/08, 11:02 PM

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