It's More Common Than You Think...

Skin Cancer is more common than we think yet it is easy to prevent. Limiting your sun exposure and using sunscreen is your best defense against the cancer. In addition to that, we need to "know" our bodies. Checking for moles and having an annual skin exam with your dermatologist are all key.

Whether you are fair skinned or dark skinned, we ALL need sunscreen every single day!! And don't forget the often missed spots like your ears, the back of your hands, feet and in between your toes. Often times, we only apply it to the most obvious spots like our face, arms and legs. Any exposed area needs to be protected.

Two years ago I had a mole removed from the back of my knee. Although it was benign it still needed to be checked out. Kim Kardashian's little sis', Khloe, wasn't so lucky a few years ago. At a young age, she developed skin cancer but because she caught it in time, she is ok.

Click on pic below to read her interview with OK! Magazine

Stay Safe!



yummy411 said...

wow on the back of your knee? who can see back there =((( skin cancer is so scary.

8/22/08, 3:06 PM

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