Fashion Rocks...

With the start of Fashion Week comes Fashion Rocks, when fashion and music come together to put on a fabulous concert benefiting cancer research. Celebs hit the red carpet Friday night for the annual taping of the concert.

Here are a few of my beauty hits on the carpet ( click pics for larger image):

1st up is Bey. I am luvn the heavy winged liner and strong brows. I'm guessing a black liquid liner was used here for that strong/heavy effect. It's all about the eyes here.

Next would be Rih's dark eye, which is pretty much the reverse of Bey's. Her inner rims are lined with black liner. A dark shadow is then added below the eye for a smokey effect with the wing extending from there. A brownish/coppery eyeshadow and pinkish/brown gloss lip finish the look. And her skin is just glowing all ova! FAB!

Charlize's look, again, dark eye, nude lip combo. What did it for me here was her hair. Tousled, loose waves. LUV bed head hair. Classic!

Last would be Keyshia. The smokey eye but with a bluish/silver twist. Great lashes, brow and pink lip. And I'm so happy with her darker hair. LUV it. You've come a long way baby!

And of couse with the favs, there came a few WTFs.

Bewtween Tyra and Ashanti, I didn't know what to do with myself.

I refuse to believe that Jay Manuel did this. I will not accept that! I mean, for once, I just want to see Tyra look soft. Not so damn hard and in your face Ru Paul, I mean really....there's just too much going on here, dontcha think?

And as for 'Shanti, if she doesn't stop it with that damn Pepto Bismol lip I'm gonna scream. Such a pretty girl with this nonsense.

Fashion Rocks airs Tuesday @ 9pm on CBS.....BE THERE!



Mischo Beauty said...

Loved your recap of the red carpet! You have me crackin' up about Ashanti! LOL! They'll get it right one day....

9/8/08, 9:41 PM
the beautynista said...

Girl I hope so!
9/9/08, 9:49 AM

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