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Yup, it's time to talk about it. Aside from the bi-weekly/monthly waxes, are we really taking care of our vajayjays? We pay special attention to and have special products for our eyes, teeth, underarms and other body parts., but what about down there? Now take a look in your beauty aresenal ( go ahead I'll still be here) and tell me how many products are in there for down there? Um yeah, that's what I thought. Sweet Spot Labs has taken care of that and has a line of gentle, ph-balanced products especially for your sweetest spot.

Having worked in women's health for a few years now, I've seen tons of ladies, young and old, who think the remedy to all vajayjay problems is douching. You can ask any women's healthcare professional, douching is a no-no, and can possibly make whatever problems you're having, worse. Sweet Spot Labs products are carefully ph - balanced ( highlight that) for our area. Why does that matter? Because, pH is the measure of acidity. Our sweet spot has a ph of about 4. So to keep bacteria away and maintain a healthy spot, products we use should not exceed that ph level. With the ph and a blend of natural essential oils created to go along with your natural scent, Sweet Spot products takes care of that worry and concern.

The Gentle wash in Basil Grapefruit is my fav. Products include wipettes, mists, washes and the all new bidet-in-a-bottle....GENIUS! ( Quick freshen-ups for unexpected events )...tee-hee...j/k. Scents include citrus galbanum geranium lavender, basil grapefruit or unscented.

I get my products from Douglas Cosmetics over here in Philly, but you can check out their website for more info and other locations!



Peggs said...

LUV LUV LUV.. I get mine from Shobha.. the wax spa.. the bestest in the east.. for real. And Manju, my esthecian.. THE BEST..try it Shobha Madison

9/9/08, 12:23 PM
P-nice said...

Picked them up... love them!

10/6/08, 9:14 PM

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