Beyonce's Red Carpet Fuzz...

So, Mr. & Mrs. Carter hit the red carpet last night for the Cadillac Records movie premier

Bey looked fabulous in a Zuhair Murad form fitting dress

Makeup, nice; hair, ok

But dammit to hell, she forget to shave!

I mean really...Did Jay miss it? Cousin Ang? Where the hell was stylist Ty Hunter?

This is strike #2. First the crusty heels, now the hairy pits. C'mon Bey, you are NOT a boy!



Anonymous said...

This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! This means that she hasn't shaved in a couple of months! ...and if she gets waxed, this means that she hasn't waxed in at least 4 months! C'mon, Bey!

12/2/08, 2:41 PM
Peggs said...

Months.. fall back..days.. I mean really.. it's shaving/waxing.. and it sux.. but ditts UNACCEPTABLE especially during red carpet moments.

12/2/08, 4:00 PM
Anonymous said...


12/2/08, 4:57 PM
Anonymous said...

C'mon Peggs...that is NOT just days! That is weeks!! Do you see how long the hairs are? It's not just stubble!!

12/2/08, 11:40 PM
So Obsessed said...

At least the hairs are nice and silky and the bronze powder adds the right amount of sparkle and sheen for a beautiful fuzzy glow...

12/3/08, 11:07 AM
Anonymous said...

LOL LOL that's a couple of days...weeks, maybe, NOT MONTHS....actually a couple of days....not even weeks, it does NOT take THAT LONG to grow, depending on how much you grow. some people hairs on diff parts of their body grow differently and fast than others and other parts. WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID BEY NEED TO KNOW BETTER........... :(
and those glasses on jay are not working

12/3/08, 5:12 PM

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