An Afterglow Glow...

I cannot tell a lie. I've always been a little leary about purchasing makeup at drugstores. If it wasn't from Sephora, a makeup counter at a department store or MAC, it wasn't right. A few weeks ago I read an interview Iman did and during the interview she talked about her fav bronzer:

"My favorite product is bronzer." Use the IMAN Afterglow bronzer on eyes and cheeks by using "one color on the eyes and mix all three for the cheeks for the sun kissed goddess look."

So then I started thinking, if a beauty icon can use this and look absolutely stunning, um...why can't I? So off to WalMart I went. Purchased the last Afterglow available and got to swirling. LUV LUV LUV it. I've been a loyal fan of Cargo's bronzer for a while and although I still love me some Cargo, my pockets love Iman's Afterglow even more.

The compact is 1/3 bronzer, 1/3 pearlized rose, & 1/3 pearlized plum. I've used two different methods when applying. The first time I used it, I first applied the bronzer alone (no swirling of colors), then mixed the pink & plum shimmers and applied it over the bronzer. The second time, I did just as Iman suggested and swirled all three colors, tapped on my cheeks and blended, blended, blended. Both ways turned out lovely. Don't let the "shimmer" scare you. It's not a teeny-bopper glitter/shimmer, it's completely grown & sexy, trust me, don't be afraid!

Below, Byron Barnes uses the Afterglow compact on Asian skin and brown skin models. Iman also has it on during her introduction to the videos.

His method of appying:

Swirl the three colors.
Tap off excess powder before applying to face.
Smile and apply to apples of cheeks using a circular motion.
Sweep upwards toward temples.

Notice how it looks great on all three skin tones and how it works well for a light daytime look and and a more daring dramatic, sex-kitten look.

Which do you prefer?



Nicole said...

I'm sold! Can't wait to try it? Are some bronzers meant to be used on the entire face???

4/11/09, 7:22 AM
tiff said...

i want one!lol!

no seriously i want all her bronzers wish i could find them in stores so i could verify the colors.

7/16/09, 1:05 AM

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