You Know What Stilettos Can Do For Your Legs?...

According to Maybelline, they can do the same for your lashes. Introducing their newest mascara, Lash Stiletto. It's claim: Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length .
Well, I recently had the opportunity to try lash stiletto and I think it's the perfect daytime mascara. After applying, my lashes were indeed long and lean. No thickness/volume here, hence "stiletto". Not too vampy, just simple, noticeable lashes that look natural and believable.

So, for my first giveaway ever, tee-hee, the 6th person to leave a comment about their fav mascara will win a tube of Lash Stiletto. Winner will be announced later today!

NOTE: I've hidden the comments and will post them in order when it is time to announce the winner

Below are a few exclusive behind-the-scenes pics...



Mikki said...

ProLash by MAC!

4/10/09, 11:04 AM
Taina and Mikki said...

My fav is MAC prolash mascara! It's the best! Caveat- wash your face before you go to bed b/c when you wake up your eyes will be glued together! hehe

4/10/09, 11:04 AM
nikki said...

I love Hypnose by Lancome. I apply it over their lash booster to get an intensified effect.

4/10/09, 1:20 PM
Tisha said...

Maybelline is my favorite. I just saw the commercial for this mascara this morning and was saying I need to get this... I hope I win!

4/10/09, 1:56 PM
Sandy said...


4/10/09, 2:13 PM
Cathy said...

L'Oreal!! It elongates the lashes!

4/10/09, 2:50 PM
sd_93 said...


4/10/09, 5:21 PM
aweetshell said...

I always go back to Hypnose

4/10/09, 6:03 PM

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