Say Knot-Today To Tangles...

Hey everybody. Ohhhh how I've missed you. So sorry for the lack of posts, but work was really hectic for the last month and I also took a mini-vacay to Puerto Rico with m'girlz. I was still playig with my beauty products but just didn't have a chance to post about them. But don't fret, I'm BACK! Now let's get on with it.

So, one of my favorite things to do is read about fabulous women with fabulous beauty companies. Several months ago I stumbled on a line of products called Kinky-Curly. A line of products started six years ago by Shelley Davis with a whole bunch of good-for-your-hair ingredients. The most popular item seemed to be a conditioner called Knot - Today. (get it? cute). Anyway, as usual, off to Whole Foods I went to purchase.

Now, my daugher is my little guinea pig. If it can work on her whirl-of-curls, it can work on anyone's hair. After I washed her hair, I used the Knot Today as a leave-in condish. Normally, my daughter's hair is a tangled mess after washing, but KNOT TODAY...(lmao...I was dying to say that...haaaa)....This conditioner worked wonders on her hair and detangled it. After I applied it to her wet hair, I was able to finger comb through her hair. WHAT!..SOLD!

To get an idea of how much hair I was working with, here's a pic of her hair after I washed it and before I applied the condish:

Every single person I got to try this absolutely LOVES it! I've had frieds use it on themselves and on their little ones. It works great on all types of hair. Even if you do not have curly/wavy hair, it works as a great moisturizer and detangler. My hair is relaxed and I use it as a rinse-out conditioner. And the best part is that it's all natural and free of silicones, alcohol and mineral oil that coat and weigh your hair down.

The only thing is that this and her Curling Custard sell out so fast. I'm telling you, you literally have to jump on it when you see it. Salons and Whole Foods sell out of it so damn fast and takes forever to re-stock! I waited about one month for my local Whole Foods to get it back in!...arrrghhhh! But it's sooo worth it!
Have you tried the Kinky-Curly line?



discogirl said...

Hello! Welcome back! :)
I missed your posts!!! xx

7/6/09, 3:39 PM
Peggs said...


7/6/09, 4:39 PM
Anonymous said...

OMG........this product has saved my life/hair!....I've been doing the natural thing 4 almost 2yrs now....but the downside is if you don't have fine hair, after you wash becomes a NIGHTMARE!....using knot2day is like cutting frozen butter with a hot knife!....FAB!!!!!...its now a staple in my shower.

7/9/09, 3:21 PM
Miss Yaya said...

i absolutely agree - i wrote a love letter to them.

if i don't have this with me when i'm going somewhere and need to wash my hair i get to hyperventilatin...

7/10/09, 12:37 PM

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