Golden Globe Beauties: My 5 Favs...

Penelope Cruz

My pick for the night's best makeup and hair.  Her romantic look was so pretty.  Makeup was simple, a subtle smokey eye and neutral lips.  Her full brows and soft, loose curls just add to the whole look.

Halle Berry

Need I say more?  I mean wow, if I could look like this at 43!  I'm always amazed at her flawless, glowing skin and those amazing cheekbones and no one can work a short pixie cut like Halle.

And look at that back!!!!!!!

Christina Aguilera

It's nice too see Christina, well, less made up.  I like this understated look she has going on here.  Chin length bob with barely there makeup gives a nice delicate look.  Loves it.

Zoe Saldana

2nd to Penelope, the Avatar beauty was my other best hair pick of the night.  I am loving the shoulder length curls, again very romantic and soft (possible rollerset?).    Mauve eyeshadow and rosey cheeks complete the look.

Anna Kendrick

I thought she looked great last night.  A darker eye with bare cheeks and subtle lips.  Also loving the side swept updo with loose tendrils.  Soft and pretty overall.

And check out those lashes!

Who were your favs of the evening?



Taina Etienne said...

I'm feeling Christina's toned down look. The hair is less platinum and the make-up is soft. Nice!

Halle is always gorg!

1/18/10, 1:25 PM

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