Miss Oops To The Rescue...

This is Genius!  The lovelies over at Miss Oops sent me a pair of Rescue Sponges to try out.  What are they?  Little miracles that remove those pesky deodarant stains and such from your clothes.  I have so many tops that I've retired because of those darn stains...

I decided to do my own little experiment.  I pulled out an old t-shirt with underarm deodarant stains and got to work. The pic on the left is the before (in unison...ewwww) and to the right is the after.  Isn't that amazing?  It took less than two minutes and all I did was rub the sponge on the stain!

Everything old is about to be new again!

A pack of two sell for $10 wherever Miss. Oops is sold. 



Taina Etienne said...

Wowzers! That's amazing!

1/13/10, 12:45 PM
So Obsessed said...

i need this....

1/13/10, 2:54 PM

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