2 Tips On How To Apply Mascara...

We all want to get the most out of our mascara.  Truth be told, it's all about technique.  You can get pretty much any mascara to produce great results just based on how you apply it...

The first tip is one beauty editor Tia Williams learned from the pros (click pic below to watch)...

The second tip is from yours truly.  Well, not really from me, but I learned this a few months back while attending a MAC makeup class and It's pretty simple.  Picture the motion your windshield wipers make on your car.  Use that same motion when initially applying your mascara.  Hold the wand upright, and using the tip of the wand, go back and forth, from left-to-right, across your lashes just like a windshield wiper.  After you've coated your lashes this way, go back, holding the wand horizantally this time, and reapply.  This helps get every lash coated, for a more even application!

What techniques do you use to apply mascara? 



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