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A friend of mine recently visited NYC's Chill Spa for a much needed massage. He caught a deal on Lifebooker and booked a deep tissue massage for $50 and wanted to share his experience (and a few pics) with us...

Ambiance/Decor:  Superbly clean, well lit and good ambianace music but decor was dated and low end. Equipment was also low end from the massage tables to towels to blankets to wall decorations. Free tea, coffee, mineral water and fruit/snacks in the waiting room.

Staff: Extremely friendly, appointment punctual, money transaction smooth. 

Service: Massseuse was knowledgable, communicative and had excellent hands, pressure was nearly perfect and constant, troubled areas were massaged so that,s how I knew she knew her stuff. Spent a good amount of time in each area. Basically covered 100% of my "massageable" body.

The Highs: Very good massage, incredible bang for the buck, very clean, very friendly staff.

The Lows: no high-end amenities.  Appeared to be understaffed and didnt have a dedicated person at the front desk, so I was left alone a couple of times.

Final Verdict: I would recommend and go back myself at the discounted price, but for the regular price of $95, I may consider going to a more high end place.

Thanks for the review A.  I think I will adopt that "massageable body" term. : )



So Obsessed said...

I wanna try it! Despite the cons.. Looks like a great vibe going on there and I like that the reviewer kept focusing on the fact that it's clean. Cleanliness is muy importante!

3/10/10, 1:13 PM

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