Beyoncé's Secret To Pampered Soles...

With all the dancing and running around Bey does on stage, I can only imagine how sore and painful her feet are when she gets home.  In a recent EbonyJet interview, she lets us in on how she gives her feet a little TLC at home...

My feet take beatings; I mean I have some nights, many nights, where my feet are bleeding. I always have bruises under my toenails; that doesn’t sound pretty, but it’s like a ballet dancer’s feet. So I try to take care of them. I use this blue foot sleeve from Bliss Spa.  It’s kind of like a sophisticated version of putting your feet in Vaseline and sleeping in socks [laughs]…but it helps!

Available online at BlissWorld.  And from now until March 31st,  75% of the retail price of each pair sold in the United States will be donated to UNICEF in support of relief efforts in Haiti.



tins said...

Woooweee those prob feel so nice

3/3/10, 8:44 AM

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